Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr Foundation
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  washington university in st louis

Since its inception there has been a special relationship between the Foundation and Washington University in St Louis.  Outside the Foundation Mr Mallinckrodt and his family have been generous supporters of this internationally renown educational-research institution in a host of important areas.   Meanwhile the Foundation over the years has selected a number of WU Faculty as Mallinckrodt Scholars, directed approximately 30% of its annual grant funding to WU Faculty, and has provided separate research training support.  The Foundation is proud of the world class institution that is WU in St Louis, and is committed to supporting its outstanding research and educational programs, while at the same time maintaining a commitment to making an impact by supporting important biomedical research nationwide.     
Consistent with the EMF's esteem for, and long term relationship with, WUStL we strive to expend one-third to one-half of 
our annual funds for their benefit.