Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr Foundation
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Each investigator's proposal should include the following components in the indicated order:

  • Cover page - Name of PI, contact information, and project title
  • Lay summary - 1  to 2 pages
  • Detailed Proposal with Objectives / Aims - Maximum of five pages
  • References
  • Biosketch - 5 Page NIH format
  • Letter of support from the institution (may include research office, department Dean, mentor)
  • Letter(s) of support from any collaborating entity or individual
  • Budget - 3 yrs for grant applicants and 4 yrs for scholar applicants.  Excel format - 1 page - with totals
  • Budget justification
  • Font  - 12pt / Times New Roman or Arial

The proposal should be submitted via email in one pdf file to Becki Blankenship at emjf.org@gmail.com.  All proposals will be acknowledged upon receipt.

Investigators should bear in mind that the Board selection process is shepherded by Trustees with a medical, scientific background, but the lay summary is critical to connecting to the lay members of the Board who ultimately have an important role in the final selection of award recipients.

Institutions and their research offices should bear in mind that given the number of applications we receive, that we are very interested in the selection process that results in an investigator's sponsorship for an EMF grant.  We examine closely the support the institution will provide and the promise the institution sees for their proposed investigators' submissions.