Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr Foundation
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Past recipients of EMf grants
The pie chart at left shows the share of annual EMF funds that went to investigators, by their various institutions, over a seven year period.

Other institutions during this time interval included:

Case Western
Johns Hopkins
Southern Illinois
St Louis University
Texas A & M
Uniformed Health Services
U of Massachusetts
U of MIchigan
U of Pittsburgh

This time period was surveyed to examine our awards over a temporally remote time period.  Since this interval we instituted the stipulation that each no sponsoring institution may submit more than two proposals per cycle (prior to that we allowed three and for some years before that limit there were no restrictions).

Grant Recipients and their Sponsoring Institutions 2002 through 2009:

Year Investigator Institution
2002 Dr. Ashok Hedge – Wake Forest University
Dr. Evgeny Nudler  – New York University
Dr. Michael Diamond  – Washington University
Dr. Anthony Koleske  – Yale University
Dr. Siegfried Musser  – Texas A & M
Dr. Dorota Skowyra  – St. Louis University
Dr. Scott Waddell  – Univ. of Massachusetts
Dr. Jumin Zhou  – Wistar Institute
Dr. Jennifer Liang  – Case Western Reserve
2003 Dr. Robert Burgess  – Jackson Laboratory
Dr. Tamara Doering  – Washington University
Dr. David B. Wilson  – Washington University
Dr. Lin Zhang  – University of Pittsburgh
Dr. Matthew Goldsmith  – Washington University
Dr. Naoum Issa  – University of Chicago
Dr. Barbara Kee  – University of Chicago
Dr. Philip Mason  – Washington University
2004 Dr. Heather True  – Washington University
Dr Timothy Holy  – Washington University
Dr John MacMicking  – Yale University
Dr Emily Cheng  – Washington University
Dr Sheila Stewart  – Washington University
Dr Piers Nash  – University of Chicago
2005 Dr. Joshua Rubin – Washington University
Dr. Zhaoxia Sun  – Yale University
Dr. Susan Kaech  – Yale University
Dr. Joshua Weiner – University of Iowa
Dr. James J.D. Hsieh  – Johns Hopkins
Dr. Jeremy Nance  – Washington University
Dr. Patrick Jay  – New York University
Dr. Susan Janicki  – Washington University
Dr. Elizabeth Chen  – Wistar Institute
2006 Dr. Herve’ Agaisse  – Yale University
Dr. Elaine Majerus  – Washington University
Dr. Susumu Tomita  – Yale University
Dr. Juan Martinez  – University of Chicago
Dr. Xiaoxi Zhuang  – University of Chicago
Dr. David Kovar  – University of Chicago
Dr. Hisashi Umemori  – University of Michigan
2007 Dr. Brett Lindenbach  - Yale University
Dr. Sean Crosson  – University of Chicago
Dr. Robert Keenan  – University of Chicago
Dr. Richard Steet – University of Georgia
Dr. Gill Berjerano  – Stanford University
Dr. Sarkis Mazmanian  – Caltech
Dr. Iannis Aifantis  – New York U.
2008 Dr. Natalia Ivanova – Yale University
Dr. Olga Pontes – Washington University
Dr. Deborah Lenschow  – Washington University
Dr. David Hunstad  – Washington University
Dr. Joseph Wu  – Stanford University
Dr. James Noonan  – Yale University
Dr. Sukesh Bhaumik  – Southern Illinois University
Dr. Todd Fehniger – Washington University
2009 Dr. Ernest Maynard – Uniformed Services University
Dr. Sally Horne-Badovinac  – University of Chicago
Dr. Vitaly Klyachko  – Washington University
Dr. Valeria Cavalli  – Washington University
Dr. Mohan Gupta – University of Chicago
Dr. Yi Zing  – University of Iowa
Dr. Timothy Miller  – Washington University
Dr. Sandeep Tripathy  – Washington University
Dr. David Prober  – Caltech