Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr Foundation
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Current News

Scholar and Grant Competitions will be on alternate years.
2021 - Grant Competition
2022 - Scholar Competition
2023 - Grant Competition

Grant applications due August 1.

Scholar & Grant progress reports due August 1.

Scholar program by invitation only.  A successful grant application will give your institution eligibility to be added to the list.

2020 Mallinckrodt Scholar Recipients

    Weizhe Hong - UCLA - 69th Mallinckrodt Scholar
    Roberto Zoncu - UC - Berkeley - 70th Mallinckrodt Scholar

2020 Mallinckrodt Grant Recipients

        Summer Thyme - U. of AL - Birmingham
         Ashley Steed - Washington University
         Cholsoon Jang - UC - Irvine
         Giorgia Quadrato - U. of Southern CA
         Maayan Levy - U. of Pennsylvania