Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr Foundation
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Mallinckrodt Scholars

Each year thirty institutions are invited to submit two candidates each to complete for the Mallinckrodt Scholar Award.  The institutions are selected by the Mallinckrodt Board based on their history of quality grant applications and award selection.  Candidates should be in their fifth to eighth year of a tenure track faculty position.  From these nominations, four are chosen for direct interviews in
St. Louis and one to two of these are selected to be Mallinckrodt Scholars.  These individuals receive $100,000 annually for four years beginning October 1 of the year they received the designation. 

Mallinckrodt Grants

Any domestic biomedical institution, whether solely research or educational,  is invited to submit two candidates for the Mallinckrodt Board's consideration.

As of June 10, 2013, there will be only one competition per year.  The deadline to submit a proposal is August 1.  Each institution is allowed to submit two proposals.  Applicants should be in the first to fourth year of their tenure track faculty position and not have current R01 funding.   Grants are usually $60,000 and funding commences on October 1.